Moseman Counseling

Psychotherapy for Adults, Children, and Families

Chris Moseman, MA, LMHC

Psychotherapist for Adults and Couples

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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Who We Are

Welcome to the private practice of Chris Moseman and Lindsey Moseman. Whether you are new to psychotherapy or have seen a therapist before, we offer depth-oriented psychotherapy for those who are seeking a path through the wilderness of emotions and thoughts. We each bring unique specialties and approaches to our work, but share a commitment to providing a safe space to process and find a way through suffering.

Lindsey Moseman, MA, LMFT, ATR

Psychotherapist for Children and Families

Registered Art Therapist

phone  |  253-229-4556

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What Has Led you Here?

We all have a story, a narrative of our life

a childhood, family, emotions, and memories

ways we have suffered, and currently suffer

And we all have ways we have “gotten by”.

And yet often, it is the ways we have “gotten by” that have led us to be stuck.

Stuck, in defeating patterns, cycles, in symptoms

That lead us further down the rabbit hole, of confusion and emotional pain.

It is a very human thing to get stuck,

And it is a very human thing to need help.

Services We Provide

We have sat with a wide variety of people, men and women, young and old, coming from many different backgrounds, sexual orientations, races, and beliefs. While not limited to these, we have particular specialized expertise with the following:

This is hard work.

 Getting to know yourself, sometimes through the suffering of truth, is a courageous act.

How We Work

This work is quite possibly some of the most important work you can do in your life.

It is sometimes simple and yet other times so complex.

It can at times be just talking, about your thoughts, emotions, dreams, memories.

At other times it can be expressive, through drawing, painting, creating.

It can be quiet, and loud.

It can be honest.

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Our Offices

Our offices are located in North Tacoma, serving Tacoma, University Place, and the greater Pierce and South King Counties. It is a home office, so the exact location will be given once an appointment is schedule.